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6 Tips for a Successful Exhibition

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  • WHICH EXHIBITION?? - Choose the Exhibition Wisely

Do your research and shortlist the Exhibition wisely as to which one would have the most potential customers to you product/service.

Gain all the possible knowledge about the event, ask as many questions, such as what is the footfall, Sponsors of the event, Marketing plan of the organizers, etc.!

  • WHERE TO BE?? - Stand Location

Once you have finalized the Exhibition, one of the most important decisions, is the location of you Exhibition Stand in the Hall.

Most of the Trade Shows offer the Prime Location for an extra cost. If willing to pay, you should go for it quick, as these prime locations sell out the fastest.

The better the location, the better it is, as it would be less beneficial to have a stall where your customers can’t reach to you easily.

  • STALL DESIGN!! - Get the perfect look

While finalizing the Design for your stand. Keep in mind, the focus should be to promote and enhance your Product/ Service.

Not just the design, but also the Exhibition Stall Designer makes a big difference to bring the X-Factor to the look and feel to your stand

  • Market your Participation – Use Social Media

Frame out a Social Media marketing plan for your trade show. Invite as many potential clients to the show. Make repetitive invites over different platforms. Send out VIP invites to the Important Customers.

Use Email Shout outs to reach out to a larger audience. Make full use of the Social Media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to marketing your Participation.

  • SHOW YOUR EXPERTISE!! – Be Prepared

During the exhibition, be sure you can answer most, if not all, the queries your customers face regarding your product/service. Offer some value addition to your customers. If nothing else, they can gain some knowledge about your product.​

  • Follow Up – Get in touch with who you met!

Since, the customers come across a lot of companies similar to yours, in the Exhibition. Make sure you follow up to all of them post the Trade Show. This can be considered as one of the most important step in an exhibition. If ignored, it would be a complete waste of your time and money during the exhibition.


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