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6 Ideas to attract visitors to your stall

Ideas to attract visitors to your stall. Global Concept Designs

The main objective of almost every exhibitor is to increase sales. So, how can one increase sales at an exhibition?? The answer is obvious, increase traffic at your stall, which would result in maximized sales. But, the question is how to increase traffic to your stall?

Good planning and forward thinking can help you achieve your goal of maximizing sales. Here are certain points to help you get maximum out of your stall in a trade show.

1. Don’t have a generic stall design

Stall Designers

Your stall is the first thing that would attract a crowd. No matter what, don’t blend in the general exhibition stand. Your stall needs to impress the crowd, for them to walk in.

Even though Modular Stands are the most effective option, a Custom-Built Stand is the one that really makes an impact and leaves an impression on the customer. Selecting the right Exhibition Stall Design for your stall would make a huge difference, and make your exhibition a grand success.

2. Giveaway Freebies

Freebies are a great way to attract customers and try your product. Freebies may not necessarily be samples of your products but can be anything to remind the customer of your brand and product.

Make sure anything you handout to the customer should be neatly branded, so other attendees can see your brand, which would excite them to visit your stand. Don’t hesitate in giving away as many as you can, as that would spread your brand even more, hence, reaching out to more number of potential customers.

3. Photo-Op

Global Concept Designs

A photo-booth helps to capture and retain the memory of your stand as well as the brand. Apart from that, if you can take out instant print-outs and give it to your customers, it can also act as a giveaway.

Brand the photographs, by making customized photo frames. Ask the customers to share these photos on social media, which results in your brand promotion to a much wider audience.

4. Lounge Areas

No matter what, the exhibition can be very exhausting, and constant interaction with different people can be tiring for visitors as well as the exhibitors. A lounge would encourage your customer to sit down and have a relaxed conversation with you regarding your product.

Pamper your visitor with a hot cup of coffee or a comfortable sofa seating with free Wi-Fi or even a mobile charging point. These small things make a lot of difference in the impression you leave with your customers.

5. Use Social Media

In this era of technology, being active on social media is one of the most important things to do. Start long before the actual date of the event, use a different hashtag to make your posts easily visible.

Make sure you use Hashtags, which are being used by the event organizers, as well as, create your own unique hashtags specifically for the Exhibition. Use Social Media Wall in your stand to show your popularity and encourage attendees to use your hashtag even more.

6. Competitions or Contests

Create a buzz around the exhibition, by hosting games, contests or competition. If the games can somehow include your product as a tool, it would be great to promote it.

A competition/ contest encourages attendees to participate in your stall, hence, creating a memorable experience for your stand. Such activities can also help you create a good relationship with your customers.

With the help of these tips, you can almost be sure to turn your exhibition into a grand success. Always remember, exhibition should be an experience for your customers, the better the experience the better the result. Keeping your customers involved and making them feel important is the key.

What is your take on these tips? We would love to hear your point of view. Comment below!


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